Match Report. U12 Lionesses

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Report by Mark Camley.

Home and Away, Sunday’s match was in some ways comparable to the much maligned Aussie soap opera, when the Lionesses although at home played four miles away from Myrak Park in Debden.

And being Away while at Home showed as the team tried to adjust to the different playing surface. Even though, unlike the astroturf pitches of my youth – which had more sand than the beach at Summer Bay – the fast and slick playing surface provides a level pitch and an even bounce, it disrupted the normal flowing football of the team, which failed to mimic the slick, fast surface. So while this week’s episode saw no stand out performances, a la Danni Minogue or Isla Fischer, there were some solid performances from the cast of players.

In front of goal, Polly scrambled the first goal from three yards out and there was the thought that there may be a few more goals here. But a second remained as elusive as an Oscar winning performance from one of Summer Bay’s finest and I am sure I was not the only parent thinking that it was a bit too deep into squeaky bum time before Zoe put the match beyond doubt with a well taken second, letting the ball roll across her body before tucking it in the net and letting us all breathe a sigh of blessed relief.

At the other end of the pitch, Yva had a quiet match, with few efforts on goal to contend with. While behind the white line, Stuart was more voluble as he continued to direct proceedings and call the shots. As the match ended the sun came out giving a more homely feeling as we all headed away in our different directions to prepare for next week’s 60 minute cliff hanger.

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