u10 Lionesses vs Aveley Hurricanes

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Sunday 23rd October 2022
Match Report by Holly Brownrigg

Buckhurst Hill Lionesses played Aveley Hurricanes in a friendly on a Buckhurst Hill pitch. In the first half Buckhurst Hill were fighting for the ball especially in defence as the ball was mostly on our side. There were some very good saves from Gwen who was in goal because our fantastic goalkeeper, Isobella had unfortunately sprained her wrist. Helena and Lyla who were our defenders were very good at winning the ball off the other team and kicking it far up the pitch for the midfielders and strikers to get. Lina as always made some very good runs ready to find space and a pass to Holly our striker. The other team had some very agile players who were very good at winning and running with the ball. Lina got knocked down right in front of the penalty box so Buckhurst Hill had a free kick. Holly took the free kick but missed. It had gone just a bit too wide from the goal. Kailin was vey good at tackling the ball off from the other team. We had quite a few chances for scoring goals but their goalkeeper made some fantastic saves. At the end of the first half we were all very tired from running up and down the pitch back and forth. We were losing but we still had a chance of winning.

In the second half everyone stayed in the same positions apart from Lillian and Gwen who swapped positions with each other so that Lillian was in goal and Gwen was now a midfielder. Lina got knocked down quite a few times but got straight back up and continued playing. Lina, Holly and Kailin made some brilliant runs to try and set up some goals so that we could get back in the game. Kailin made some very powerful and strong tackles which helped us as a team a lot

so Kailin had a very good match. Holly ran down the pitch one time and passed to Gwen who then scored a great goal which the goalkeeper couldn’t save. Another goal was scored by Lina who kicked it in very well. Unfortunately Aveley Hurricanes were very good that they were still in the lead with quite a few goals. We only had 7 players so each player played for the whole game which was very tiring for them. Aveley Hurricanes took the win, but we weren’t far off their level.

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