Under 12 Lionesses – Match Report

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BHFC u12 Lionesses 17-0 Colchester City
Goalscorers: Polly (4), Emily (3), Zoe (3), Maddie (3), Sofie, Evie, Dulcie & Ruby
Cup and Sorcery (by Mark Camley)

From the League to the Cup, and to steal a little from JK Rowling it was a perfectly normal day at No.4 Privet Drive. However, today the girls were out of this world.

Perfect conditions for football with the girls enjoying a magical spell that lasted the whole match. Despite the valiant efforts of the opposition, who are to be applauded for never giving up, it ended up with a result reminiscent of Scottish clubs in Europe this season.

There was Emily doing her impression of Jimmy (Jinky) Johnstone with more twists and turns than a giant slalom and leaving defenders with as others have said, twisted blood – more painful than the Avada Kedavra spell according to those who have experienced it. Along with Zoe, and her wand of a right foot, Polly was spellbinding and Maddie waltzing through with a drop of the shoulder combining to score the majority of the goals. But you really knew it was a magical day when Ruby, having stepped over an easier chance, scored an excellent midfielder’s goal. There was also a first goal for Evie, with Sofie and Dulcie also on the score sheet.

The defence had put a Petronus charm on the Buckhurst Hill goal meaning that Yva had to run to near the halfway line to get involved. All in all a satisfied coach, and it was a far from normal day and indeed a magical performance, evidenced by four hat-tricks. As the recently departed Robbie Coltrane would have said in his role as Hagrid in a resonant boom, “You’re a wizard Stuart”. Or maybe he would have referred to his other character and said it was a “Cracker”.

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