Under 12 Lionesses vs Abbey Youth Cheetahs

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League Match Report

U12 Lionesses 4-2 Abbey Youth Cheetahs
Scorers: Maddie, Mia(2), Ruby

Report by Mark Camley

Here Comes the Rain (again)

A week is a long time in politics, despite it taking 14 days to bring together a new Chancellor, a new Home Secretary & a new Prime Minister, & leaving aside that theoretically, with a General Election, you could change them all over night. So it is also true of football – last week, Rita Skeeter’s magical quick quotes quill was needed to keep up with noting the scrorers as the Under 12 Lionesses won with relative ease – today was a little easier on our scribe but rather less easy on the Lionesses.

Following thunder & lightning over night & on an overcast, showery day, the Lionesses despite a bright start never really threatened another deluge – as like the rain they threatened more than they delivered. So it was that after three good chances for Buckhurst Hill, against the run of play, the Abbey Youth Cheetahs sprinted through & scored with their first attack & shot on goal. For a few minutes the Lionesses looked more like gazelles, as the Cheetahs played more like the Queens of Jungle & Dulcie had to make a string of fine saves while her team mates were delicately waving their limbs at the ball rather than standing firm & roaring, which only their coach was achieving.

However, gradually, as the rain made an appearance, the Lionesses started to get a foot on the ball &, with goals from Maddie & Mia, gained a lead. Maddie, Mia sounds like an ABBA song or is that just me. Soon it was three as Mia notched again & some relief for parents, as the Pride came together as the rain briefly disappeared. Ruby roared through for a second goal in two weeks – playing a quick one two with the goalkeeper to set herself up.

As the rain came & went along with the rounds of substitutions & a change in shape, people were playing in unusual positions with Mia running out on the right wing, centre forward & left back, & Demi appearing at centre back.

With the game & the rain appearing to peter out, almost with the last kick of the ball, the Cheetahs showed a turn of pace down their left & although the Lionesses were now hunting in a pack (with four at the back) they couldn’t catch the speeding winger who shot across goal & made it 4-2.

There was just time for the re-start & the rain to really make its unwelcome presence felt before the final whistle. So as we head in to the international break (for some at least, not sure three nights at my parents in Scotland counts) or decorating or day trips for others, the refrain from Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart played us on our way home.

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