U12 Lionesses with convincing win

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BHFC U12 Lionesses 4 – 0 Tigers U12
Scorers: (Zoe x 3, Polly)

Report by Mark Camley

Confessions of a Scotsman

Stopping reading now if your cultural reference to the title of this report is to a slightly ropey genre of 1970’s movies – a crossover between “carry on” and “hammer house of horror”. Neither is it related to Alistair Campbell’s pipe bag playing Scotsman article for Forum Magazine. However, a few days after Valentines Day, I own up that I have been cheating and playing away this weekend with the U10s. I should also add that a certain heart flutter (is it love) is also induced by other teams, namely the Famous Glasgow Rangers and the rather less famous Alloa Athletic and ask that these sins are also taken into account. So while you were delighting in a 4-0 romp, I was half way up the M11 watching the U10s lose to the Bishop Stortford Swifts.

I am therefore not going to claim (like a former Prime Minister) to have been watching events when I was otherwise engaged. Therefore, I can’t give a first hand account of events but thanks to the wonders of the interweb and Lola’s dad’s filming. I can confirm that on a bright February morning the U12 Lionesses roared to victory with Zoe the pride of the Pride with a hat-trick, including a spectacular free kick. But while she missed out on the classic right foot, left foot, header combo, at least one (not unimpartial) viewer thought it was “Wowser”.

And since we are on the realms of relatives, I am told (by Francesca) that Francesca had one of her best games ever. So after 56 games, she waits until I miss a game to have one worth mentioning in the match report. But as that former PM would say, “Them are the breaks” but wouldn’t presumably say, “of a being a cheating love rat”. Hope to see you all – properly chastised – next week

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