u8 Lionesses Ready for Brentwood League!

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Canfield Allstar u8 Girls vs Buckhurst Hill u8 Lionesses

Before the start of their official season in the Brentwood league, the girls played their final friendly match against the Canfield Allstars, which was held at their home ground.

Right from the first whistle, the girls displayed their intent to win the match. Tess, Ottilie, and Mai Lee were outstanding upfront and exploited the weaknesses in the opposition’s defence. The deadlock was quickly broken with a fantastic team effort. The team demonstrated their exceptional vision with some well-executed long passes that resulted in Mai Lee scoring a goal.

After taking the lead, Buckhurst Hill never looked like they were not in control of the game. Summer was a rock in defence and made some crucial tackles at the right time to keep the opposition at bay.

The girls continued to dominate the game, and Jessica in midfield linked up with her teammates to create numerous opportunities. The team then extended their lead with Sophia making an excellent run from one end of the pitch to the other, and Aarya ensured that the ball ended up in the back of the net.

The Buckhurst Hill girls were relentless and scored two more goals while also forcing the opposition to score an own goal. The work ethic of all the girls was outstanding, and they have not lost a game since January, making them well-prepared for the upcoming challenge of the Brentwood league.

They are eager to take on the competition, and their message is clear – bring it on!

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