u10 Lionesses vs Perry Street Reds

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Sunday 23rd October 2022
Match Report by Lyla Hudson

First Half:
In the first half, we had Helena, Kailin and Amelie in defence, with me and Lillian in midfield and Gwen up front.
In the first few minutes, the Perry Street number 9 scored a goal. This put pressure on us but we carried on and didn’t want to give up.

In the first half, Helena was really solid in defence, putting in lots of tackles to defend our goal. I managed to run and have a shot on goal, but the box was filled with people and it was blocked.

Lina came on for Amelie. She made some great throw in’s that allowed our team to attack the Perry Street goal. She also had a shot on goal that was so close but just missed. Unfortunately, Gwen was tackled with a stud on her knee which made a big cut and she had to go off and was replaced with Holly.

Kailin did an amazing job in defence, running up the wing and getting in some great positions.

Second Half:
In the second half, we had Kailin, Lina and Helena at the back, with Lillian and Amelie in midfield and Holly up front. In the first half, it had been sunny but the weather changed and it became windy and a little bit rainy in the second half which was hard.

Amelie and Holly worked really well together and came so close to scoring a goal. Holly had a great shot that just went wide. Amelie used her strength to win the ball and made some great runs into the box.

During the second half, me and Gwen came on for Lillian and Helena. I played in defence and made some really strong tackles.

Gwen is so fast and didn’t stop running for the ball whether she had it or not.

Unfortunately Perry Street scored another goal from a corner. After they scored, we tried really hard to push forward.

In goal, Isabella made some amazing saves. Without her, they would have scored lots more goals.

I was given player of the match for my second-half performance, listening to my coach and staying in position.

Come on the Blue and Blacks! We are Buckhurst Hill, say we are Buckhurst Hill Lionesses!


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